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Take control of your iTunes library

All in one application

Tune•Instructor brings you closer to your music

Visually appealing and with intuitive handling, Tune•Instructor will let you enjoy listening to music even more. Time-consuming and recurring organizing tasks are reduced to a minimum thanks to the program part "organize library".


Easily navigate iTunes

The controller allows you quick access to all the important basic features. This way, you do not have to move iTunes to the front. Details


Easily get to program components

From the navigation menu, you can easily access all the other program components. Furthermore, Tune•Instructor visualizes the actual Last.fm status and if required takes you directly to your personal profile. Details


Stay on track and do your ratings with just one click

When iTunes changes to the next track, the track-info window fades in automatically and shows you the actual track information.
You can fetch the track-info window any time and therefore rapidly assign a rating for track and album. Details


Lyrics scroll automatically

The lyrics window scrolls the deposited lyrics automatically if desired. If the window shall be shown always in front or an all spaces you can decide individually as well. Details


Widget for the notification center

Control your iTunes, access your ratings and view detailed title information with this extension. When iTunes is closed, the extension minimizes itself and gives you the option to open iTunes. Details

Organize library

Tune•Instructor offers you an immense scope of features to recondition your tracks in iTunes and organize your library faster and more efficiently.

Tutorials to all features show their versatility.

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