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Take control of your iTunes library

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Starting from the actual track you can rapidly jump to the previous or next track. If you keep one of the buttons clicked, the actual track will be fast forwarded respectively rewinded.


This button visualizes the actual playing status and enables you to pause or continue the actual track. When holding the button clicked, iTunes is ordered to the front and marks the track which is being played in the library.


A click on the Tune•Instructor-Icon opens the Navigation Menu.

Navigation Menu

Access Last.fm profile

Opens your standard browser and forwards you directly to your personal Last.fm profile.

Use Last.fm

Would you like to scrobble your last track? With this button you can directly turn-on/off the service of Last.fm without opening preferences.

Last.fm status

Optically visualizes the actual Last.fm status.

Open lyrics window

Opens the lyrics window and shows you the deposited lyrics to the track playing.

Organize library

Features an immense scope of features to recondition your library and the tracks in it.


Gives you a quick access to preferences, help, quit etc.

Track Info Window

Info mode

The actual track information is always displayed autonomous to each track playing. After the delay time you have set in the preferences, the window is automatically faded out. Within this phase you can switch the track info window into user mode at any time.

User mode

If the track info window is displayed during a track change, you can change the window into user mode via mouse click. In doing so the window is not faded out with the delay time you have set. By this way you can rate the actual track or the whole album. With the progress-bar for the actual track position, you can jump to any part within the track.


You can order the track info window manually at any time. Rest on the controller with your mouse for an instant and the track info window will be displayed immediately. Therefore it is easily possible to rate the track or the album with one single click. You can assign ratings with half or full stars.

Lyrics Window

Always show window on top

The window will always be shown above all other standard windows and guarantees a permanent visualization of the lyrics.

Show window on all Spaces

When working with Spaces you can let Tune•Instructor move the lyrics window automatically on the actual space.

Scroll lyrics automatically

The lyrics are scrolled automatically through calculations based on the actual track position. When moving the mouse into the lyrics window the automatic scrolling is paused and allows you the manual navigation. When leaving the lyrics window with the mouse, the lyrics are scrolled back to the calculated position. Furthermore there are additional parameters in the preferences of Tune•Instructor allowing you to adjust the scroll behaviour individually.

Widget for the notification center

Title information at a glance

Name, artist, album, artwork, rating, progress

Does way more than displaying titel information

The controls allow you to go to the next title, and to pause playing anytime. Just drag or click on the progress bar to access the current title. Click the artwork to bring iTunes to the front and view the title currently played. You can rate the current title or the whole album by holding the option key.

Clever minimizing

When iTunes is closed, the extension minimizes itself. The compact display still offers quick iTunes access. The extension integrates perfectly with your notification center, just the way you like it.

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