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Take control of your iTunes library


Tune•Instructor expands your iTunes with a multitude of useful features.

As a permanent attendant in the menu bar, Tune•Instructor provides you with actual track information and allows you quick access to ratings and further basic functions without having iTunes in the front.

Furthermore, unlimited possibilities are available to recondition your library and the tracks in it faster and more efficiently.

Gain insight into the immense scope of features and discover the potential with Tune•Instructor.



Control iTunes
from the menu bar


Organize Library

Optimize your library with a bunch of workflows



Smart extension for the
notification center


Track Info Window

Rate the current track with
one single click



Global Shortcuts,
Rating Alert


Beats 1

Track info of
Apple's radio station


Lyrics Window

Scrolls the lyrics



Smart rate and like
your tracks



Scrobble and love
your tracks

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